C2Dx has acquired the Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) family of products from Cook Medical.

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Quintree and C2Dx Partner to Launch First Telemedicine Platform to Integrate with Providers’ Current Equipment

KALAMAZOO, Mich., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — C2Dx Inc., a medical device company that invests in and refines the delivery of valuable, niche products to propel their growth and accessibility, has partnered with another Michigan startup – Quintree.

The telemedicine platform that integrates with existing diagnostic equipment is launching to healthcare providers.

C2Dx Now Providing Quintree Telemedicine Technology Platform
Quintree is the first telemedicine platform that integrates with existing diagnostic equipment. It was created by Dr. Adam Folbe, a practicing Otolaryngologist (ENT), alongside Sandy Kronenberg, an IT expert and entrepreneur, with the mission to drive higher efficiencies and standards-of-care for patients through a seamless connection between medical providers and specialists.

Built in the field, Quintree is designed to be compatible with physicians’ and other healthcare providers’ workflow. As a specialist, Dr. Folbe experiences firsthand how much he’s running from hospital to hospital to scope and assess patients and wants something more sustainable. His idea to create a software platform where he could remotely see through a diagnostic scope in real-time has evolved to a technology with broad application across all medical specialties, particularly when using a scope or intraoperative camera for diagnosis and to guide medical procedures.

Quintree also helps with Emergency Room patient consultation for on-call physicians. The ED and specialist can connect with a touch of their phone and immediately be in a HIPAA compliant, virtual consultation. This rapidly informs the on-call specialist on the best next step in the treatment plan. Virtual consult images and a written overread report are timestamped for medical documentation and billing purposes.

Quintree and C2Dx were introduced as two Michigan based companies, brought together with the mission to provide technology that enables healthcare professionals to consult, treat, and train under a variety of circumstances. By broadening the availability of the specialist network and minimizing time to diagnosis, patient care can be greatly improved.

C2Dx is the exclusive provider, ready to get medical professionals set up on the platform. As the third product offering for C2Dx since its establishment in 2019, it provides great opportunity for growth for C2Dx and Quintree. Adam Carrick, President of Quintree, sees telemedicine as a new territory and states, “We can unleash the full benefits of telemedicine to reduce physician burden and broaden reach.” Kevin McLeod, CEO of C2Dx, shares, “We are thrilled to have Quintree as another tool that we are able to provide in order to break down the barriers of care for those in need.”


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C2Dx has acquired the Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) family of products from Cook Medical.

Read the press release here.