C2Dx has acquired the Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) family of products from Cook Medical.

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Anatomical dissection and immediate hemostasis with the Shaw Scalpel®.

Minimize patient blood loss and damage by achieving hemostasis with the ultimate surgical precision, visualization, and control.

The Shaw Scalpel® from C2Dx enables precise anatomical dissection and immediate hemostasis with its surgically sharp scalpel blade. The result is a dry, clean surgical field which provides exceptional visualization for the safe dissection of nerves and critical anatomy. The Shaw Scalpel® allows you to prioritize safety with no muscle excitation, minimum damage to surrounding tissue, and reduced blood loss.

Sharp Dissection

Surgically sharp scalpel blade features a five-layer laminate composition of copper and stainless steel.

Immediate Hemostasis

Micro-electric circuitry on the blade enables immediate heating to a maximum of 300° C.

No Electro-Conductivity

Insulates your patients from electric current without the need for a grounding pad.

Tactile Feedback

Scalpel handle allows control of blade temperature, rate of incision, pressure, and thermal energy delivery.

Perform fine dissection and achieve immediate operative hemostasis

Retain fine dissection and nerve preservation without capillary oozing, blood loss, or fear of neuropraxia by achieving immediate operative hemostasis. A clean surgical field gives better visualization of nerves, vessels, and critical anatomical structures.

•  Precise tissue incision equivalent to cold scalpel


•  Incises with low-drag in all tissue types


•  Minimizes collateral thermal damage to nearby vital structures


•  Reduces operating time to both cut and coagulate tissue


•  Decreases depth of necrosis at surface of incision

Prioritize surgical safety and minimize blood loss and tissue damage

The Shaw Scalpel’s design can help accomplish better outcomes for patients by reducing blood loss and limiting tissue damage. It also contributes to the move toward a smoke-free operating room.


• Eliminates possibility of electrical tissue stimulation

• Avoids interference with Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators, and Cochlear implants

• Avoids electrical current flow to tissue and unwanted collateral electrical tissue injury

• No grounding pad required

• Doesn’t require smoke evacuation


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Clinical Studies

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SG6 Controller
P8400 Controller (previous generation)
Scalpel Handle (1 per box)
Scalpel Handle (6 per box)
#10 Scalpel Blade (10 per box)
#12 Scalpel Blade (10 per box)
#15 Scalpel Blade (10 per box)
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C2Dx has acquired the Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) family of products from Cook Medical.

Read the press release here.