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C2Dx acquires Stryker T/Pump product line

February 18, 2021

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A medical device startup acquired a line of devices that provide localized temperature therapy for pain relief and patient comfort.

Kalamazoo-based C2Dx — a medical device company founded in 2019 that invests in and refines the delivery of “valuable niche products” to propel their growth — said Tuesday that it acquired the T/Pump product line from Stryker.

The T/Pump is the second product line for C2Dx, joining its initial acquisition of the STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor.

“The addition will provide great opportunity for growth for both C2Dx and the product itself,” the startup said.

The T/Pump provides localized temperature therapy for pain relief and patient comfort. It is often used for orthopedic conditions; acute injuries, chronic pain and muscle strains; as well as skin trauma, burns, contusions and other localized pain diagnoses, such as arthritis and neuritis. Controlled warming and cooling temperature settings and multiple treatment cycle options allow therapy to be customized to each patient’s needs.

C2Dx was founded by Kevin McLeod and Plymouth Growth, an Ann Arbor-based growth capital firm. Dedicated to growing resources, jobs and opportunities in West Michigan, they brought together previous Stryker executives, each with over 20 years in leadership experience, to launch its first product.

“Our leadership team has extensive experience leading all phases of medical device manufacturing,” McLeod said. “We have proven ourselves with a very successful initial product offering, and now we are excited to offer another valuable product and further pursue C2Dx’s mission.”

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