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Service and Repair

Get Equipment Back into Operation
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Service and Repair for Your Devices

How it Works

Service and Repair Workflow diagram step 1 you contact us step 2 we provide quote and estimated turn around time step 3 you provide p o step 4 we send you shipping label step 5 you package it up and send to us step 6 we receive it diagnose and repair step 7 we send it back to you step 8 we send you the invoice and any inspection documentation

Qualified Devices

  • T/Pump (TP700 and TP700C, within warranty period)
  • Shaw Scalpel Controller (SG6)
  • STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor (Verification of Calibration service)

What’s Covered

Service and repair on Shaw Scalpel or STIC devices that are not functioning properly and are outside of their warranty period. T/Pumps within the warranty period.

Please note, based on the extent of your device’s damage or obsolescence status, C2Dx may reach out to recommend a replacement. If that were to occur, we would provide a certificate of analysis indicating that decision.

What’s Included

All labor, OEM replacement parts and materials, testing, as well as shipping of devices from customer to C2Dx and return to customer are included.

Certified Repair Documentation will also be provided upon request.


If you have a large fleet of products (10+) and would like to explore a Service Maintenance or Preventative Coverage Plan, we’d be happy to discuss the specifics for your account.



Pricing varies based on the device and service or repair type. Please fill in this form and we will provide a quote.


Get Started

You can initiate your request by filling in this form.

You can also call our Customer Service team at 888-902-2239 or email to work with our service department.

*If you prefer to service the T/Pump® in-house, you can see a full list of the service parts here.