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Localized Warming and Cooling Therapy


The T/Pump® System

Ease patient pain and discomfort with localized pain relief

The T/Pump® Localized Temperature Therapy System from C2Dx provides safe and effective localized warming and cooling therapy with precise temperature control. Simple and versatile, it is indicated for chronic pain in orthopedic conditions, skin trauma, and other medical conditions to meet the needs of an ever-changing patient population.


One Unit, Two Therapies

Multiple temperature settings and treatment cycles allow therapy to be customized to patient needs.


Uses Tap Water

Conveniently operates with tap water, eliminating the need for sterile or distilled water. Simply fill with tap water for warming or tap water and ice for cooling.


Safe & Easy Operation

Three-layer safety system as well as audible and visible alarms to alert caregivers to low water, flow restriction, or internal issues.


Provide a Higher Level of Patient Care

Control and adjustments according to the patient’s needs for localized pain relief and enhanced comfort​

  • Consistent, controlled temperature settings ranging from 50˚F – 107˚F (10˚C – 42˚C) ​
  • Controlled treatment duration​ with your choice of treatment cycles of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or continuous. The clock starts once the unit has reached desired set point.
  • T/Flash Technology​ providing continuous sensation on the skin of the patient​ and stimulating their heat receptors, giving the “always there” feeling

Additional information about operation and maintenance is available in the T/Pump® manuals.


Simple And Versatile

Designed for easy setup, use, and caregiver operation

  • Easy setup with tap water (and ice for cooling), making it more convenient and cheaper than sterile or distilled water
  • Portable for transporting to patient rooms and storage​
  • Intuitive display with multiple temp and treatment settings​
  • Extra wide leakproof cap and tethered strap to prevent loss​
  • Large, translucent reservoir​
  • Audible and visible alarms for low water, flow restriction, or internal issues
  • Three-layer safety system to ensure safe operation with dual temperature sensors, dual microprocessors, and back-up mechanical thermostat to ensure safe operation

Potential Temperature Therapy Use Cases



Acute injuries, chronic pain, muscle spasm, strains, back and joint pain


Skin Trauma

Abscesses, boils, bruises, burns, contusions, infections


Medical Conditions

Chronic arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, tendonitis, I.V. infiltration


Other Localized Pain

Labor and delivery


“I had this in the hospital and it worked wonders.”

T/Pump® patient

“It’s a great product. I had one put on my hip while in the hospital and it relieved pain immediately.”

T/Pump® patient

T/Pump with pad

Product Ordering Information

T/Pump® Product Information

This product information does not contain service parts. For a list of T/Pump® Service Parts, see here.

SKU Description
TP700 Capital Temp Pump Professional with Clik-Tite® connectors (CT)

11.5” x 8”x 8”, 9 lbs (when empty)

TP700C Capital Temp Pump Professional with Colder connectors (C)

11.5” x 8”x 8”, 9 lbs (when empty)

TPS2 5 Leg T/Pump Stand
8002-062-012 Temp Therapy Pad (20/Box) (CT)

13” W x 18” L

8002-062-022 Temp Therapy Pad (20/Box) (CT)

15” W x 22” L

8002-062-026 Temp Therapy Pad (10/Box) (CT)

18” W x 26” L

8002-062-222 Reusable Temp Therapy Pad (10/Box) (CT)

15” W x 22” L

8002-062-612 Temp Therapy Pad (10/Box) (C)

13” W x 18” L

8002-062-622 Temp Therapy Pad (10/Box) (C)

15” W x 22” L

8002-062-626 Temp Therapy Pad (10/Box) (C)

18” W x 26” L