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Leading medical products and superior service to support you.


Our product offerings will continue to evolve as we look to provide the best solutions for you. Discover more about each of our products and see how they apply to the care you provide.


STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor System

While far from our only product, the STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor System previously supplied by Stryker is our most well-known product. The STIC has long been recognized as the Gold Standard in aiding the diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome around the world.


T/Pump® Advanced Therapeutic Warming and Cooling System

The T/Pump is C2Dx’s newest product release. Providing localized cooling and warming therapy through the use of tap water, this device has extensive use cases including orthopedic injuries, skin trauma, treatment of medical conditions, and localized pain relief.

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Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel

Elegantly simple, the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel seals blood vessels as they are incised. The surgically sharp blade enables surgeons to make precise anatomical dissection and achieve immediate hemostasis resulting in maximum visualization and superior surgical control.

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hemostatix scalpel illustration